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Middle East Uprising 2011 How is bombing mansions, tanks, and civilian buildings part of the No-fly-zone mandate? Don't things have to be able to fly for them to be targeted by the terrorist organization known as NATO? Is this operation like Iraq War 2? The reasoning behind this operation is: 1. Gaddafi has committed crimes against humanity, and there's plenty of proof. (Crimes such as arresting, torturing and killing people without trial, firing missiles at hospitals, barraging residential districts of cities for days on end, etc.) 2. There is a democratic revolution going on, and most of the people of Libya support it. It started off as peaceful protests, but became organised and armed in response to systematic violence against protesters. 3. The Transitional National Council, which enjoys the support of the movement it leads (i.e. the revolution), submitted several requests to the UN for a no-fly zone to stop Gaddafi from bombing civilians. 4. The Arab League also submitted this request to the UN.
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