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Middle East Uprising 2015

Middle East Uprising 2015 - Middle East Uprising 2011 The...

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Middle East Uprising 2011 The West is carrying out a no-fly zone in Libya. Why isn't it doing the same for Yemen, Ivory Coast, Bahrain, Iran, and everywhere else there's protests and rebellions? Is it because Libya has oil? Every country has entirely different things going on in terms of the specificness of the threat to the people, the size of it, the length of time it will take for the threat to be carried out, what action can meet the threat, the level to which the action may disrupt the usual political allegiances and equilibrium level of government, the potential for peaceful resolution down the line and the real or imagined precedence it sets. In the case of Libya, many things made it suitable for the intervention to happen. Libya's Transitional National Council submitted several formal requests to the UN for an intervention. There eventually was a UN resolution. In Libya, the mission is to protect civilians, not to try to influence the outcome of the war. As things are, only one side is systematically attacking civilians, so only that side gets
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