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Moorish Spain Al-Andalus, the Emirate, the Caliphate and the Shining City After the Visigoth’s downfall, the Muslims centred their new domain in Cordoba. The first government of Al-Andalus was Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa, who took Roderic’s widow and was assassinated by rivals not long after his rise to power. His successor largely failed to fare better in the midst of diverse Muslim groups, many of them having only turned to Islam few decades earlier and understandably less than happy at the prospect of serving an Arab empire. Things took a different turn in 750, when the Abbasids overthrew the Umayyads and took Damascus. The exiled Umayyad prince Abd al-Rahman ibn Muawiyah took over Al-Andalus and declared an Emirate of Cordoba, for once bringing the various Muslim groups together. Spain is generally agreed to have prospered throughout the Muslim rule. Muslim scholars helped introduce artefacts of Greek philosophy to Western Europe and helped agriculture through Persian and Nabataean agricultural techniques and land reform. This, along with inventions such
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