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Moorish Spain The Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba, neatly summing up the matter. Moorish Spain , also known by its Arabic name Al-Andalus , is a medieval civilisation spanning much of the Iberian peninsula and lasting up to eight centuries. It is often thought to be a great culture, bringing great peace and prosperity within their domain and most importantly being an oft-cited example of a culture where adherents of all three Abrahamic religions coexist in relative harmony. The civil accomplishments of the civilisation is believed by some as the first Renaissance in continental Europe, and in spite of its later downfall, its advances left lasting marks on the Spain we know today. More Than a Little Help: Muslim Conquest of Visigothic Hispania After the fall of the Roman Empire , the Germanic Visigoths quickly took to the former Roman domain of Hispania. Their rule, however, was plagued by infighting between rival factions, weakening their grip on power throughout the centuries. In contrast, by the beginning of the 8th
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