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Pillarisatio1 - Pillarisation How much of an effect did it...

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Pillarisation How much of an effect did it have on people's lives? A lot. A giant freaking lot. Much more than you could imagine if you're not familiar with the phenomenon. For example, suppose you were a boy born around 1900 to Dutch Catholic parents. You would go to a Catholic primary school, and join a Catholic youth club with which you would go on Catholic summer camps. You would go to a Catholic secondary school, as well; if you wanted to take up a sport - say, football - you would join a Catholic football club * . If your parents could afford to send you to university, it would probably be a Catholic one (i.e. Nijmegen or Tilburg), and if it wasn't, you would at least join a Catholic fraternity. Having completed your education and found a job somewhere, you would join a Catholic trade union; if your boss was also a Catholic, he would be a member of a Catholic employers' organisation. You would marry a Catholic girl (there was an old saying, twee geloven op één kussen, daar slaapt de duivel tussen
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