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Pre - took them over again but New Spain soon became Mexico...

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Pre-Columbian Civilizations Ancestral Puebloans/Anasazi The Ancestral Puebloans (often called Anasazi, though this name actually comes from the Navajo and means "ancient enemies" ) were groups that lived in the Southwestern region of the United States. Starting somewhat over a thousand years ago, they began building pueblos , moving on to Great Houses, which were enormous buildings with hundreds of rooms and unknown purpose. After a couple centuries of this there was a disruption in their society and new pueblos were built in highly defensible positions, including the famous cliff houses. Things did settle down though and there is clear continuity between them and the modern puebloans, such as the Zuni, Hopi, and Taos. They were conquered by the Spanish, who hoped to find gold and the Seven Cities of Cibola (which were real puebloan settlements, but with decidedly less gold than the Spaniards would have preferred). Later they revolted and drove the Spanish out. The Spanish
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Unformatted text preview: took them over again, but New Spain soon became Mexico. Then the United States took over half of Mexico and to this day there are people who still live in pueblos like their ancestors did a thousand years ago. There are also two closely related but less famous cultures, the Mogollon (pronounced moh-ghi-yohn)and the Hohokam. All three cultures seem to have had some contact with Mesoamerica, as chocolate and macaw feathers can be found at archaeological sites. One Hohokam settlement even had a ball court, presumably for the same sort of game the Aztecs and Maya played. One puebloan motif that most Americans can recognize is the fertility god Kokopelli . They are also sometimes associated with conspiracy theories , possibly because in many people's minds they are in the same general area as Roswell and Area 51 ....
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