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Pre6 - Pre-Columbian Civilizations Around the year 900 they...

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Pre-Columbian Civilizations Around the year 900 they went into steep decline. Historians can't quite figure out why. Maybe their governing system collapsed, or maybe there was a famine, or maybe there was some kind of disease or something. By the time of the Spanish invasion, Mayan civilization still existed on a complex level organized into several kingdoms, confederations, and city-states (much like Italy at the time). However, by this time, the trend of Pan-Mesoamericanism (Mesoamerican cultures were becoming similar across the board due to increased trade and communication) had caused their culture to shift dramatically. Their states lasted centuries longer than any other Mesoamerican civilization into the 17th century, probably due to their decentralized structure. Their descendants live in Mexico and Guatemala, but their civilization has died out and their cities are abandoned. Much like the Greeks, ethnic Mayans retain their languages and culture on a small scale; some
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