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Red October All revolutions are impossible, until they become inevitable. Leon Trotsky The second Russian Revolution of 1917. The one that brought in the Commies. Not a submarine, or a hunt for said submarine. OK, who runs this place? When the Romanov dynasty was overthrown in February of 1917 (the February Revolution), it was replaced by a Provisional Government. This was intended to stay in power until the election of a Constituent Assembly. They actually tried to elect the Assembly, but the Bolsheviks took over before any votes could be cast to avoid the risk of their rivals, the Socialist Revolutionaries (who had the greater popular support), from forming a legitimate majority government. After they proclaimed themselves in control in October 1917, the Bolsheviks permitted the elections to take place in January of 1918 (and sure enough, the Socialist Revolutionaries won the majority of the vote). However, the assembly was forcibly disbanded by the Bolsheviks, who announced that the people would be represented by the city soviets (where they had majorities). Just a little matter of the
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