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Red October Former Regime Personnel : Some former regime officers joined the Red side (reason could be My Country, Right Or Wrong , political conviction or simple luck). Most were forced into service, often with their families taken hostage as incentive. They often had to prove their devotion to the Revolution, their unity with their underlings and generally whatever the unit council (soviet) wanted them to prove. A commissar who could override the commander's orders and had to execute his commander in case of (suspected) treason didn't make things easier. This trope is more specific to stories concerning the Red Navy than to stories concerning Red Army. A Determinator old-school Captain who endures this treatment by his crew and later leads them to the victory FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF THE REVOLUTION is almost a must in such stories. Gentleman and a Scholar
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Unformatted text preview: : most of the intelligentsiya during the era. Also, Gentleman and a Scholar turned Officer and a Gentleman was the "hat" of the Alexeiev's elite regiment of the White army. Glorious Mother Russia : In non-Soviet media Grey and Gray Morality Guile Hero / Magnificent Bastard : Whether you think he was a hero or not, you must admit that Lenin was one hell of a smartass. Hell-Bent for Leather : the Bolsheviks. They LOVED the leather jackets originally made for WWI pilots and drivers. • Trotsky's bodyguards even had red leather longcoats. Historical Hero Upgrade : Usually depends on the political orientation of the author: Lenin or Nicholas II. • Also, Stalin later re-wrote history and gave himself this treatment. o Also, Trotsky. Just Trotsky. o And Nestor Makhno. And just about any of the white generals. And. .....
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