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Red October Tropes of the Great October Socialist Revolution (its official name in the USSR) and Russian Civil War Aristocrats Are Evil : You better believe it. Very common in Soviet films about the subject. Angry Mob Song : The "Worker's Marseillaise". Ax Crazy : Ungern-Sternberg Badass Bookworm / Badass Jew : For a guy with no previous military training, Lev Bronstein, AKA Leon Trotsky, proved to be a remarkably skilled military commander, leading the ragtag Red Army to victory at a time when everybody wanted the Bolsheviks dead. o The reason the seat of government was moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow was because the Bolshevik leadership feared it would fall into Tsarist hands. In fact, when an approaching White army besieged it, they considered the city as good as lost and planned a general evacuation. Trotsky, however, personally took charge of organizing the defence - and managed to break the siege. Badass Longcoat
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