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Romanovs And Revolutio12

Romanovs And Revolutio12 - Romanovs And Revolutions People...

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Romanovs And Revolutions People sometimes make the mistake of assuming that the Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsar. Not the case. There were in fact two steps in the process and two Russian Revolutions. If you count 1905 as one, there are three. The three revolutions were: The Revolution of 1905: Covered here. The February Revolution: The overthrow of the Tsar. Covered in Red October . The October Revolution: Covered in Red October , a name sometimes given to it. The communist takeover. Due to the fact that the Russians were still using the Julian calendar at the time, these revolutions took place for the rest of the world in March and November. We will use the Julian dates, with Gregorian ones given where appropriate. 1905 The first revolution, or the thing before it, depending on your POV. Not much Surf, but plenty of former Serfs: Pre-1905 Russia In 1905, Russia was the world's largest country in terms of territory, even larger than the USSR would end up being. It controlled Finland and large parts of modern day Poland, in additional to
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