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Romanovs And Revolutions The Third and Fourth Dumas Compared with their predecessors, these Dumas were not exceptionally notable, mostly thanks to the effects of Stolypin's rigging the vote to ensure that parties sympathetic to the Tsar made up a majority. Perhaps for this reason, these Dumas lasted a bit longer than the first two because the Tsar had less reason to object to them. Firing The Guns of August When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot in Sarajevo and Austria made a move on Serbia, Russia made a move on Austria. Slavs United and all. Germany then made a move on Russia, decided to make a move on France via Belgium, so Britain moved on Germany. This all started World War One . Speaking of moving, there was far more movement on the Eastern Front than on the others. In the early stages of the war, Russian successes led to Germany having to move two divisions over to that front, leading to the stalemate on the Western Front. Things didn't go quite so well from then on in.
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