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Romanovs And Revolution3

Romanovs And Revolution3 - When the first Duma met in 1906...

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Romanovs And Revolutions Duma Locomotion The Tsarist regime had decided to let the opposition have a little drive in the royal vehicle, hoping that it would calm them down and prevent Grand Theft Autocracy. It didn't work, partly because they'd locked the glove compartment (considering the original purpose of it, it rather restricted the opposition). The Duma would be set up with two chambers. The first was elected via a very strange method that essentially meant that the votes of an individual nobleman were worth far more than that of individual peasants (of course). The second (the State Council) was appointed by the Tsar. The first elections to the Duma were largely won by the liberals and the reformists, with the Kadets making up the majority party. Ordering Stolypin's Necktie: The First Duma
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Unformatted text preview: When the first Duma met in 1906, they were rather bitter. They felt, rightly, that they'd been cheated and wanted an increase in rights. The autocracy told them this wasn't going to happen. After two months, Nicky ordered the Duma to be dissolved. Annoyed at this, 200 deputies met in Vyborg (later Finland) and urged the people of the Russian Empire not pay their taxes or obey conscription orders. This didn't quite work. Instead of passive disobedience, they got active disobedience — violence. The regime had a good excuse for repression. The Vyborg group were arrested and barred from standing again. Pyotr Stolypin was appointed as chief minister and martial law was declared. There were over 2,500 executions in 5 years, leading to the hangman's noose being called "Stolypin's necktie"....
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