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Romanovs And Revolutions Eventually, Prince Felix Yusupov, a rather peculiar and somewhat. .. delicate noble, decided that enough was enough and that Rasputin had to be dealt with. He and a group of conspirators eventually managed to convince Rasputin to come to his house to meet his wife and engage in some partying. When Rasputin arrived, despite warnings not to attend, he was told that Yusupov's wife was still entertaining guests and that he could wait downstairs. Felix fed him some cakes with potassium cyanide inside. When the poison did not take effect (which could attest to Rasputin's inhuman endurance, the carbohydrates of the cakes slowing the process down, or perhaps poor planning in choosing such a bizarre and untested poison), Yusupov eventually lost patience and shot Rasputin. Apparently, this did not kill Rasputin either, as he regained consciousness once more. After some more shots
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Unformatted text preview: and a swift kick to the head, it seemed as if he was finished, and the conspirators proceeded to dispose of the body. There is good evidence at this point to suggest Yusupov, who was quite upset at how far from the plan the assassination had gone at this point, proceeded to beat and, perhaps, castrate the corpse. Finally, at around 5:30 in the morning, the body was disposed of over the Petrovsky bridge. Hilariously enough, once the body was found and an autopsy was preformed water was found in the lungs, which may have meant that Rasputin was still alive until he drowned in the river. A recent study concluded that the third shot (to the head) was what killed him. Yusopov and his conspirators were found and exiled, and the investigation was still ongoing when the revolution occurred and put paid to investigating anything about the Imperial family....
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