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Romanovs And Revolutions And yes, Alexandra did turn out to be a carrier. Whether any of her daughters would have been carriers as well will never likely be known, but her son Alexei Nikolaevich suffered from the disease. Enter the faith healer who would help him: Grigory Rasputin. The common way to treat haemophilia of the time was aspirin, which as a potent blood thinner was one of the worst things to give to a hemophiliac. Rasputin may have advised against its use, so Alexei got visibly better. Although it's vanishingly unlikely that Rasputin and Alexandra ever had a sexual relationship, their enemies spread libels about them using every method at their hands. Of course, one of the tricks in the bag of any republican revolutionary is to make the queen out to be a scheming foreign whore. (Worked with Marie Antoinette too.) Nonetheless, Rasputin's ability (or sheer luck) in keeping Alexei alive quickly made him intimate
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Unformatted text preview: with the Imperial family, and he was very good at taking advantage of this to insert himself (har, har, har. ..) into high society. The aristocracy was not on board with this development, of course. When World War I started, his power grew even bigger due to Nicky being hen-pecked (and willingly so), Alexandra more than willing to give marching orders to her husband, and Rasputin having Alexandra's ear in pretty much everything. It eventually came to pass that if you wanted to get an exemption from military duty, or any other favor from the Tsar, you went to Rasputin, who would give advice to Alexandra, which would more than likely get the Tsar to do what you asked, even if it meant violating the laws he set down. Absolute power is nifty, isn't it?...
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