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Romanovs And Revolutions Rather "Felonious" Monk , and his possible toadies Whether or not he was Russia's greatest love machine is a subject for historical speculation, as is his precise role in the whole revolution. He certainly played a role though, albeit inadvertently. From historical records, however, it seems he at least has a serious case for the title of "greatest love machine". Grigori Rasputin's force of will and unique personality seemed to endear himself to many a noble lady who should have known better, and his willingness to blend sex and Christianity may have been enough to convince his would-be lovers that it was God's will. There's still controversy about how much truth and how much rumors made Rasputin's sexual adventures, ranging from "nothing" to "all and more" with authors mostly biased toward one or other version depending on attitudes to Orthodox Christianity and Radicals. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were apparently rather a frisky couple, having 9 kids, a lot
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