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Romanovs And Revolution8

Romanovs And Revolution8 - drafted the food reserves were...

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Romanovs And Revolutions The Russians entered peace negotiations, and had to leave Manchuria. In 1910, Japan would take Korea. This was a national humiliation, and made Europe take notice; it was the first defeat of a (semi-)European power by an Asian one in modern times. Though the most bitter irony of it all was that Russia admitted defeat in a war that it was actually winning — while suffering from several serious tactical defeats like Mukden and Tsushima, the strategic Russian position was virtually unassailable. The Siberian Railroad allowed it to supply its army by land, out of the threat of Japanese Navy, Port Arthur could be held almost indefinitely, and Vladivostok was widely considered so impregnable that it was never actually attacked — the only action there was one token shelling that killed a couple of cows. In Japan, on the other hand, the situation was so dire that the kids and the geezers began to be
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Unformatted text preview: drafted, the food reserves were running historical lows, the government debt skyrocketed and the country was actually on the brink of collapse. However, the indecisiveness of the generals, the defeatism of the press (it was controlled by liberal intelligentsia that in Russia had a history of vitriolic hatred to any government) and general remoteness of the action meant that the war was begun to be perceived as lost in Russia. In short, Russia simply threw up a fight — and a guy who surrendered Port Arthur was later court-martialed for treason, but acquitted for political reasons. The peace talks were also dominated by Russian so much, that one of the Japanese envoys famously wondered who actually won there. However, war did much to bring the populace trust in the government to a historic low. Other events were already in motion. .....
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