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Romanovs And Revolutions The Russo-Japanese War , or Lesson One in Far Eastern Politics — Don't Underestimate the Japanese In order to distract the opposition to the government in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia decided to provoke a "short, victorious war" against Japan by rejecting Japanese proposals to resolve the Korea issue. The Russian Minister of War had used this phrase in his proposal, hoping it would help to "stave off revolution" at home. After all, Japan was just a semi-feudal country populated by "little yellow monkeys" (as Tsar Nick called them), right? Wrong. The Meiji Restoration had increased Japan's military power considerably, making them much stronger than Russia. The Russians did very badly. The Baltic Fleet spent 8 months sailing 18,000 miles/28,000 km to the Pacific (almost starting a war with Britain en route in the Dogger Bank Incident), arrived at Tsushima in May 1905.
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Unformatted text preview: .. and was pretty much defeated within a hour. • Supposedly, this possibility was considered after the China-Japan war, both against the opinion of Great Prince Alexei Alexandrovich who thought Japan was a crucial ally (against Great Britain) and despite the notion of Chief of the General Staff N.Obruchev that such war would be logistically impracticable . • To the present day, the word Tsushima is used in Russian as a synonym of total disaster. o Despite the fact that the Japanese victory was in major part a fluke. For example, the Russian shell landed exactly on the bridge of the Japanese flagship Mikasa ... but didn't explode. Had it worked as specified, it would've killed not only Adm. Heihachiro Togo, the Japanese CO, but also all his staff, including his flag lieutenant, one Isoroku Yamamoto ......
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