Syria - couple of days after US troops officially left the...

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Syria Fun fact: For some time, many people in the west followed one certain blog, "Gay girl in Damascus", by a half-American girl named Amina Arraf who was well, gay . Later people learned that "she" had been Middle East peace activist Tom MacMaster all the time . Yeah, the G.I.R.L. phenomenon now arrived in the Mainstream Media. Definitely explains the various Fanservice bits. The governemnt response to the uprising has been one of the most violent, with massacres of nearly entire villages. A Syrian political cartoonist, critical of the regime was beaten, and his hands broken by "unknown assailants". This sparked fury of political cartoonists worldwide. Iraq Iraq has so far remained stable throughout the unrest in the region, but at the time of writting (a
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Unformatted text preview: couple of days after US troops officially left the country) there are fears of secretatian violence between Iraq's shia majority and sunni minority. The vice president is aledged to be behind a recent terrorist attack and is currently nowhere to be found. Israel and Palestine Palestine once again has petitioned for independence, though it's expected to fail at the security council due to the US opposition, which will result in a veto. As always. Israel, meanwhile has had its own share of protests over bad economy, but those protests are more linked with the European Union's anti-austerity protests and the later Occupy Wall Street protests....
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