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The Fifties The trope of the white wedding dress equalling virginity was at its apex. If a never- married Fifties bride chose a wedding dress that wasn't absolute pure white, every biddy in the neighborhood would be whispering behind her back . On the other hand, a divorced or widowed Fifties bride could also be publicly belittled and ridiculed if she wore a pure white dress, since she was implying that her first husband was impotent. Weddings generally weren't anywhere near as grand as they are now — although the rich had big weddings, most middle-class and working-class brides chose less extravagant ceremonies. One of the ironies of the time was that buying off the rack (ie. mass-produced) clothing was seen as posh and tailored (ie. home made) was poor. Now that tailoring is rarer, it's seen as high class (it is more expensive) and off the rack the poor substitute (even though mass-produced clothing comes in more variety and is more comfortable than back in the fifties. Off the rack as the poor substitute really only shows up when buying high end
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