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The Fifties Ironing was the worst part. It could take the better part of a day, sometimes two days for a large family. There were no wrinkle-free fabrics and very few knits. Virtually everything had to be ironed — the trope of the Fifties housewife ironing bedsheets, towels, and diapers was no creation of TV writers, since if she didn't iron them they'd remain a wrinkled, crumpled mess and a testament to her inadequacy as a homemaker. And it wasn't difficult to accidentally burn or scorch an item of clothing, since many irons didn't have heat controls — "on" and "off" was about it. The buzz cut, flat-top, and brush cut were all popular hairstyles for males of all ages. Teenage girls could wear their hair as long as they liked, but women from about twenty to forty usually stopped at shoulder length, while "old women" — basically anyone over forty — wore their hair short and curled. Stylish young women did at times wear their hair in a short " Audrey Hepburn " cut, but that style wasn't anywhere near as popular as modern media would have you think. The
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