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The Fifti17 - The Fifties Although women could and did...

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The Fifties Although women could and did participate in all kinds of athletic activity — there had even been a national women's baseball league not too long ago — it was still basically a manly pastime. So manly, in fact, that any woman who was serious about sports (other than perhaps tennis, or golf) was considered in turn to be damaging her femininity. Fitness instruction was available via record albums, but the advertising pitch for these records stressed the woman's duty to keep trim for her husband's sake, or to attract one in the first place — her own health, or even a desire to look attractive for her own sake, was rarely mentioned. Fashion: What we now think of as Fifties fashion is a combination of what actors and actresses in the Fifties wore on TV and in movies, and what Hollywood costumers in The Seventies thought people in the Fifties wore. See here for examples of real clothing from the time.
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