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The Fifti20 - The Fifties Remember the CONELRAD alert...

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The Fifties Remember the CONELRAD alert mentioned above? They were supposed to test it every month or so. The station would put up a card stating "CD TEST" while the station engineer switched the transmitter on and off quickly two or three times. This would often blow a tube somewhere in the transmitter, and the station would be off the air for a few hours until they fixed it. Most stations gave up on the test after the third or fourth time an expensive tube blew, which is why few people remember CONELRAD tests being on TV. The Emergency Broadcast System and its terrifying (for kids) tests didn't begin until the mid-1960s. Radio 's influence of course waned rapidly as television's rose, but the two overlapped programming formats for quite some while into the 1960's. Besides Godfrey's, popular radio- only programs included Backstage Wife , Ma Perkins and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Later in the decade NBC would introduce Monitor , an eclectic all-weekend mix of news, talk, music and
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