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The Fifties A popular pastime among family and friends was showing slides. Many types of photographic film were designed specifically for slide photography; it was also cheaper to get slides from most types of film than it was to get hard-copy photographs. Most families invested in a slide projector and a projection screen as soon as they could afford one. Whenever anyone returned from an exotic vacation * , it was common for them to invite their entire circle of friends and family over for a big photo party, where the dad would show everyone slides of the photos they took while on vacation. This could take hours , and for kids it was the most boring thing imaginable. Another pride and joy of many a Fifties man was his stereo system. At this point, of course, all recordings were on vinyl, but people competed with each other to see who had the best fidelity, the best speakers, the best turntable. .. the best needles for the turntable. .. They even bought records (these things sold by the
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