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The Fifties Nobody particularly worried about kids overdosing on sugar or rotting their teeth with it (fluoride in the water supply, introduced around this time, was assumed to be taking care of that). The emphasis — especially for women — was on avoiding "sweets" because they put on weight, not out of any particular nutritional concern. A heart attack meant a relatively honorable death — after all, everyone "knew" that heart attacks were caused by working too hard or being under too much stress. The other most common cause of death, though, wasn't honorable at all. Nobody knew what exactly caused cancer (and who could blame tobacco, or those helpful modern pesticides!) so they were free to assume it had to do with suspect hygiene or other unclean habits. Patients often weren't even told that they had cancer. .. although most of them probably guessed by all the whispering that went on around their hospital beds. Education/School:
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