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The Fifties Daily Life: Everybody Smokes is Truth in Television . And by "everybody" we mean everybody - parents, priests, little old ladies, kids over 10, doctors, teachers, scientists, students - everyone, that is, other than very young children and observant Mormons and members of other religions that don't permit tobacco use. As a matter of fact, the highest rate of smoking among men in US history was in this decade, around 63%. (The highest for women was during The Sixties at some 54%.) But any adult who didn't smoke ran the risk of being viewed as being no fun at all. Yes, smoking was considered a positive character trait ; people would actually include "he smokes!" in the list of reasons why someone was fun to be around. Tobacco ads pitched cigarettes to women as a much better habit than fattening candy. .. and lung cancer patients were often told to switch to filtered cigarettes, because the unfiltered type could irritate the lungs. Cigarette commercials were often run on television, and some brands even sought
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