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The Fifties Dirty Commies says it very well. A huge part of the American (and British, and Canadian) populations were honestly, sincerely terrified of the Soviet Union, and the vast underground Communist conspiracy thought to be working to infiltrate America — hence, it made perfect sense when Senator Joseph McCarthy started ruining people's lives wholesale based on their once, possibly, maybe, having thought about joining a left-leaning organization. This even before Sputnik ushered in the era of the ICBM. Incidentally, North American stereotypes about Russians tended to be different from British stereotypes, especially with respect to Russian women. The British trope was that the average Russian woman was a gorgeous seductress ready to give herself to any visiting British businessman — and blackmail him, since she was probably a full colonel in the KGB . North Americans bought into this idea to a certain extent (it being useful in films, like Red Menace
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