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The Fifties The size of the fridge meant that the housewife generally shopped every day or two; if she didn't have access to a car during the day she probably instead shopped once or twice a month, with the husband picking up milk and bread every few days on the way home. This was the first generation where a large percentage of the population could afford luxury items such as china plates, silverware, and crystal glasses. They told the world that the family was successful and prosperous. It was therefore essential to display these items to the world, which is why every family that could afford it had a china cabinet. Some Fifties houses featured built-in china cabinets. The pride and joy of many a Fifties man was his lawn. The grass was mown to a perfect evenness, bushes were shaped into cones, spheres, and ovals, and trees were planted with military precision. (The flower bed was the wife's responsibility.) Weeds or insects were a sign
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Unformatted text preview: that the owner wasn't quite up to par, so the average homeowner spent enormous amounts of money on all kinds of herbicides and pesticides, slathering them everywhere. In most homes, there were no showers. At this point, showers were only found in the most modern residences, such as trendy New York City apartments or swinging Los Angeles ranch homes. The average person bathed instead of showering, a process which could take the better part of an hour given low water pressure and the expectation that the bather would scrub the tub perfectly clean afterwards. Most houses only had one bathtub. Suffice to say that a daily bath wasn't always possible in even a small family. After the bath, incidentally, the Fifties woman would likely let her hair air-dry. The only home "hair dryers" were stand dryers, which these days are seen now mainly in beauty salons....
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