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The Fifties Walls were almost always off-white. Housewives could spend the better part of a day trying to figure out the exact shade of off-white they wanted for the living room walls — they had hundreds to choose from. (It's not that men weren't allowed to make this kind of epic decision; it was supposed to be below their notice. Caring about the color of a wall made a man somewhat suspect .) Wallpaper was either fussy and garish or very Zeerust . Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds became popular, partly because they could be wiped clean easily and partly because they looked modern. People in the Fifties wanted their homes to be modern to the point of Zeerust . They were living in the world of the A-Bomb, of television , of all these miracles of science, and they wanted to look the part. But media, even media of the time, sometimes shows the Fifties as being purely moderne , of every piece of furniture and every knick-knack a perfect reflection of contemporary
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Unformatted text preview: streamlined Deco design. Most of them in fact had family heirlooms and antiques, and because furniture was comparatively more expensive than it is now, most people had a lot of second-hand or old stuff that they couldn't afford to replace even if they did qualify to buy things on the installment plan. The average kitchen had a small sink, a range (24 inches wide in starter homes, 30 inches wide in more lavish ones), a fridge that was less than five feet tall with a tiny freezer compartment, a toaster, and sometimes a coffee percolator. Electric ranges were seen as modern and efficient; gas ranges weren't designed as well as they are now and were sometimes considered fire risks, but plenty of homes still had them (Meanwhile, the family in the country probably doesn't even have an electric refrigerator)....
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