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The Sound Of Martial Music Old Soldier : Many, from Austrian Captain von Trapp to Hungarian Regent-Admiral Horthy, became this after the War. Real Men Love Jesus : The Habsburgs have their share of saints in their rather large family tree. But this Catholic royal family in general runs the gamut from the very pious to the staunchly regular/nominal , which is more often than not difficult to pin down. For instance, contrast Maria Theresa or Karl "the Blessed" to, say, Leopold II, Charles V or even Franz Ferdinand. Ruritania : Often thought to have inspired this trope. Justified a bit, but more often than not, even it's contemporaries didn't do the research and thought of the country as far more backwards, ignorant and undeveloping than it was in reality . For example: it is not surprising that London should have the world's first electric underground. But the second? Budapest, capital of Hungary. In the eighteenth century, the Hapsburg dominions were widely recognised as having
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Unformatted text preview: Europe's most comprehensive education system. • Though it still paid lip service to the Catholic Church, the Empire also made moves, albeit initially slow and awkward, towards religious tolerance especially by the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Jews in particular more or less favored their position in Habsburg society. Proud Warrior Race : Several Balkan nations (and the Hungarians) contributed these, most famously Croatia's cavalrymen. • Hell, virtually every nationality in the empire often proved to be a bunch of Badass Normals once something had Gone Horribly Wrong . o Of course, this trope turned into an Informed Ability during World War I, as despite their supposedly badass reputations the Austro-Hungarians eventually got their asses kicked by Italy (traditionally the military Butt Monkey of Europe) and Russia (whose army was in as almost as sorry a state as Austria-Hungary's)....
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  • Hungary, House of Habsburg, Captain von Trapp, supposedly badass reputations, Hungarian Regent-Admiral Horthy, contrast Maria Theresa

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