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The Sound Of Martial Music Jerkass Woobie : While many of their post-Imperial members in the 20's to the 50's were fairly typical of an autocratic Blue Blood family, they were unstained by the atrocities their predecessors committed, and by all accounts did nothing to deserve things like being locked up and being murdered in Dachau . Knight Templar Parent : Many of the Habsburg rulers, Maria Theresia, Franz I. and Franz Joseph being shining examples of this trope. Magnificent Bastard : Wallenstein Manipulative Bastard : How Austria and the Habsburgs were viewed by some of their enemies. Many peasants in Germany would have said he was more like a Complete Monster . Lady of War : Empress Maria Theresa during the War Of The Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War . The Millstone : Austria-Hungary was this for Imperial Germany during World War I . Nice Job Breaking It, Hero : But overlaps a little with Mis-blamed . They unwillingly gave their ally, Imperial Germany
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