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The Sound Of Martial Musi4 - . Until the end of WWI, that...

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The Sound Of Martial Music Tropes Associated With The Austro-Hungarian Military: Arch Enemy : The Ottoman Empire and Prussia. o Both were allied to Austria-Hungary during World War One . Starting in 1908, the only nations that could legitimately be called Austria-Hungary's "arch-enemies" would be Serbia and Russia. o Historically, the Habsburg/Valois enmity (see Foe Yay below) defined European politics for three centuries. The two houses found their greatest achievements (respectively, becoming the Holy Roman Emperor and driving out the English ) within years of each other, and immediately took a profound dislike for each other. When Maria Theresa left unreliable Britain for Russia and France, then went further and married her youngest daughter to the future King of France, it turned Europe on its head. o The Italians also took up this mantle at some point after the Neapolitan War at least, though for quite a bit they bordered on downright Unknown Rival
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Unformatted text preview: . Until the end of WWI, that is. • Awesome Moment of Crowning : Seriously, practically every Habsburg coronation had this vibe to it. • Berserk Button : The Rev. Ian Paisley, like others before him, found outwhat happens when one ticks off a Habsburg. It's not pretty. o Better yet, any attack on Catholicism is likely to provoke this, owing to the dynasty's old respect for the Church. Though even they on occasion had taken opportunities to criticize the Papacy at their discretion. o It is unhealthy to try to steal Silesia from a sweet helpless princess . After all, you might find that You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry . o And keep in mind that the Habsburgs are kindly-looking folk, the sort who'd invite you over for dinner. • Broken Bird : Franz Josef, towards his final years. But even then, most people at the time wouldn't have even noticed it. See Iron Woobie . o Also: Jerkass Woobie . At best....
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