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The Sound Of Martial Music "That extraordinary empire known as the Austrian-Hungarian Dual Monarchy is less an Empire or a Kingdom or a State than the personal property of the Habsburgs, whose hereditary talent for the acquisition of land is recorded on the map of Europe today!" James W. Gerard, American diplomat "We are chained to a corpse!" Unnamed German general, World War I The Habsburg Empire was not a normal empire. Even when Austria was the premier power, its preeminence was not the same as that of Russia under the Czars. Rather the Habsburgs were the feudal system taken to its logical extreme, with dozens of nations having no connection to one another except their joint allegiance to the Habsburg Family . (Note that the spelling "Hapsburg," common in older English translations, is not considered the most correct.) Therefore it is proper to refer to their state (and by extension its military) by reference to The Family. ( Not that one .) The first Habsburg was a warlord named Rudolph who was
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  • Fall '10
  • Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, House of Habsburg, Habsburg Monarchy, Habsburg Empire, Austrian-Hungarian Dual Monarchy

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