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The Sound Of Martial Music Red Shirt Army : As military historian Basil Liddell Hart wrote in his account of World War I, while the German army had a tradition of victory, the Austro-Hungarian army had a tradition of defeat. Even its supposedly Proud Warrior Races fell into this trope by the time the Great War rolled around. Rivals Team Up : First with France , then Prussia . Neither France nor Prussia hold a candle to the Habsburg-Ottoman relationship. Secret Police / M.I.B. : Subverted, since the Habsburgs possessed what was apparently the most incompetent and amiable secret police in Europe. Apparently, this doesn't mention how efficient it was (at what they did anyway) despite the incompetence. Or consistent. Or oddly humane in contrast to the ones that came after. In fact, they tended to simply "ignore" their opponents out of relevance rather than make them "disappear." It even outlasted the Empire well into the 1920s thanks to its pro-Habsburg remnants. o
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