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The Space Race Forget the Moon, Just Hit The Opposing Side The start of the Space Race actually dates back to the 1930's. The Versailles Treaty having banned them from research on cannons, the German Army instead began experimenting with the use of rocket-propelled artillery. Several prominent scientists (Most eminently Werner Von Braun) were accordingly recruited into large-scale rocket development in 1932 and it was their work which resulted in the creation of the V1 "buzz bomb" (a precursor to the modern cruise missile), and later the infamous V2 rocket . The V2, first successfully launched in 1942, became the first man-made object to make it out of Earth's atmosphere. Soon after, it was fitted with a payload of high-explosives and fired at London and other Allied targets, becoming the world's first practical ballistic missile as well. With the end of the Second World War, a lot of these German scientists ended up rather unemployed and were grabbed by the Americans or the Russians. Sometimes ignoring possible
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