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The Wild West Popular tropes from this time period are: Anti-Hero : . ..would draw before the villain. Badass Tropes : o Badass Bandolier : Expecially during the Mexican Revolution. o Badass Beard o Badass Longcoat : One could argue this fashion arose from the long duster coats which were commonly worn in this period, and which mythical cowboys — and cool guys in general — have been wearing ever since. o Badass Long Hair : Some of 'em. But not so much as. .. o Badass Mustache Bar Brawl Black and Gray Morality : The villains are usually ruthless, greedy and despicable characters. On the other hand the "heroes" are not exactly noble guys either. See Anti- Hero above. Bounty Hunter California Doubling : The geography of the American West is varied, but most movies tend to take place in Monument Valley. Spaghetti Westerns often used the Tabanas Desert in Andalusia, Spain to double for America. Cool Train
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