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Tsarist Russi1 - Tsarist Russia Catherine(Yekaterina II...

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Tsarist Russia Catherine (Yekaterina) II, Catherine The Great . She was a German, Lutheran Princess who converted to the Orthodox Church and learned the Russian language upon her marriage to the future Peter III. She took the throne after the assassination of her husband and a successful coup d'état staged with the help of the Imperial Guard. Oft-described as "an enlightened despot", she massively expanded the Russian Empire, massively promoted Russian culture but squashed dissent. Rumors about her sex life persist as Urban Legends . Paul (Pavel) I. The son of Catherine the Great. He meant well, but because he refused to listen to advice, he managed to piss off every social group in Russia. He built a European-style castle that was supposed to keep him safe from assassins. Didn't work out that way: he was assassinated by members of his inner circle. He established a strict male-line descent law, and since then there were no women on the Russian throne.
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