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Tsarist Russia Some notable Tsars: Ivan IV, better known as Ivan The Terrible. He was a cruel tyrant and Axe Crazy , who never knew the meaning of moderation; he drank too much, laughed too loudly and hated or loved too fiercely. And he never forgot anything. Ivan was definitely smart and, despite his senseless brutality, his reign is a great one in Russian history books. Ivan was called Grozny , which has always been translated to "the Terrible", but actually means "the Awesome" (as in, worthy of awe). Boris Godunov. The man who tried to found a new dynasty but failed. He was a good, shrewd ruler, and a kind one compared to Ivan the Terrible, but his reputation of a Manipulative Bastard didn't make the people like him, and famines of the worst kind happened during his reign. Lzhedmitri (Pseudo-Demetrius) I. An adventurer of unknown identity (thought to be Grigori Otrepiev, an ex-monk) who pretended to be the tsarevich Dmitri, the last heir of the Rurikid dynasty, who mysteriously died some time before. Backed by the Poles, he
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