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Math 2250 HW #11 Due 1:25 PM Friday, October 28 Reading: Hass § 4.3–4.4 Problems: Do the assignment “HW11” on WebWork. In addition, write up solutions to the following problems and hand in your solutions by Friday at 1:25. Since we don’t have class on Friday, you should either give your homework to me or slide it under my office door. 1. Show that the function f ( x ) = x 4 +3 x +1 has exactly one zero in the interval [ - 2 , - 1]. ( Hint: to show that f has at least one zero, use the Intermediate Value Theorem as in Section 2.5 ) 2. Suppose the acceleration of an oscillating particle is given by
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Unformatted text preview: a ( t ) =-4 sin(2 t ) at that the particle’s position at time t = 00 is-3 and its velocity at time t = 0 is 2. Find the particle’s position as a function of t . 3. A trucker handed in a ticket at a toll booth showing that in 2 hours he had covered 159 miles on a toll road with a speed limit of 65 mph. He was immediately cited for speeding and, when he asked for an explanation, the only response was “Mean Value Theorem, son.” Explain. 1...
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