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Unformatted text preview: PADP 8610 Fertig Reading List Spring 2012 UGA Introduction 1. Cutler D, Deaton A, and Lleras-Muney, A. (2006) "The Determinants of Mortality." Journal of Economic Perspectives 20(3): 97-120. 2. Chua KP. (2006) "Overview of the U.S. Health Care System" American Medical Student Association. Retreived from ew.sflb.ashx on 1/6/2012. Demand for health & health care 3. Ruhm CJ. (2000) "Are recessions good for your health?" The Quarterly Journal of Economics. Supply of health care--hospitals 4. McClellan M. (2011) "Reforming Payments to Healthcare Providers: The Key to Slowing Healthcare Cost Growth While Improving Quality?" Journal of Economic Perspectives 25(2):69-92. 5. Robinson J. (2011) "Hospitals Respond to Medicare Payment Shortfalls by Both Shifting Costs and Cutting Them, Based on Market Concentration." Health Affairs 30(7): 1265. Supply of health care--non-profits 6. Schlesinger M and Gray BH. (2006) "How Nonprofits Matter in American Medicine, And What To Do About It." Health Affairs 25(4): W287-W303. Supply of health care--labor 7. "Health Policy Brief: Medicare Payments to Physicians," November 3, 2011. Health Affairs. Supply of health care--pharmaceuticals 8. Zhang Y, Newhouse JP and Baicker K. (2011). "Are Drugs Substitutes or Complements for Intensive (and Expensive) Medical Treatment." American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 2011 101(3): 393-397. Insurance--supply & demand 9. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2011). "The Uninsured: A Primer." Insurance--problems & solutions 10. Manning WG, Newhouse JP, Duan N, Keeler EB, and Leibowitz A. (1987). "Health Insurance and the Demand for Medical Care: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment." American Economic Review 77(3): 251-277. Government intervention in health 11. Bradford WD, Kleit AN, Nietert PJ and Ornstein S. (2010). "The Effect of Direct to Consumer Television Advertising on the Timing of Treatment." Economic Inquiry 48(2): 306-322. 12. Carpenter C and Dobkin C. (2011). "The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Public Health." Journal of Economic Perspectives 25(2); 133-156. Medicare & Medicaid 13. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2010). "Medicare: A Primer." 14. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2010). "Medicaid: A Primer." Health disparities & quality of care 15. "Health Policy Brief: Achieving Equity in Health." October 6, 2011. Health Affairs. Health system reform 16. Finkelstein A, Taubman S, Wright B, Bernstein M, Gruber J, Newhouse JP, Allen H, and Baicker K. (2011). "The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence from the First Year." NBER Working Paper 17190. 17. Kaiser Family Foundation. (2011). "Focus on Health Reform: Summary of New Health Reform Law." Economic Evaluation 18. Chandra A, Jena AB, and Skinner JS. (2011). "The Pragmatist's Guide to Comparative Effectiveness Research." Journal of Economic Perspectives 25(2): 27-46. ...
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