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Unformatted text preview: PADP 6950: Founda1ons of Policy Analysis Surpluses PRACTICE Angela Fer1g, PhD Extemporaneous Policy Analysis 5 groups will evaluate the following excise taxes: 1. CigareIe Tax 2. Alcohol Tax 3. Soda Tax 4. Snack Tax 5. Gas Tax 1 Policy Analysis Charge 1. Find relevant elas1ci1es of demand in the handout 2. Figure out the following theore1cal predic1ons: a) Who will suffer the greatest tax burden? (consumers, producers, certain groups) b) Should we expect a large decline in consump1on? c) Should we expect to collect a lot of tax revenue? d) Are there certain groups that will be affected more than others? 3. Try to find whether the reading has evidence/ arguments that support any of these predic1ons (1me permiXng) Procedure Choose which tax you want to work on (space permiXng) Work in groups for 30 minutes Work on the charge Then prepare an informal presenta1on of your analysis (can include slides or not) Each group presents their analysis (5 minutes each) 2 ...
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