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920-235NortelNortel VPN Gateway Rls.7.0 Configuration and Management
QUESTION:59How many services can be defined for a VPN domain?A
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QUESTION:60Which activity can be used to check whether the backend Web servers are returning appropriatecontent on the decrypted traffic port?C
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QUESTION:61What is the purpose of extended profiles?
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Unformatted text preview: and linksets. C. They allow users to gain access to restricted applications by applying access rules based on group attributes. D. They allow access rules, user type, and linksets to be dynamically applied based on selected client attributes. Answer: D 19 QUESTION: 62 What must be enabled using the CLI before the BBI is accessible? A. enable BBI B. enable BBI and set service port to 443 C. enable BBI and configure an access list D. enable BBI and set server port to available port Answer: D 20 For More exams visit http s :// /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!...
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