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HP2-H80 HP2-H80 Dumps HP2-H80 Braindumps HP2-H80 Real Questions HP2-H80 Practice Test HP2-H80 dumps free HP Implementing HP Security Manager 2019
QUESTION:29 Which session key is no longer used on newer operating systems? A
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QUESTION: 30 Which description most accurately identifies the actions of the Full Installation? C
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QUESTION: 31 When does a purchased license for HP Security Manager expire? A
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QUESTION:32 Which configuration method controls access to cold resets, NVRAM and disk initialization, and clearing RFU errors?
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Unformatted text preview:B. PJL Password C. Remote Configuration Password D. Service Access Code Answer: C QUESTION: 33 Can you add the Device Announcement Agent (DAA) functionality to legacy HP devices? A. yes, by entering the device's IP address to the HP Security Manager server B. yes, by updating via HP Security Manager or HP Web Jetadmin C. yes, by adding current HP JetDirect network interface cards D. yes, by implementing a print server with an OPS server addon Answer: A QUESTION: 34 Which method allows changes without requiring a valid Admin (EWS) password? A. SNMP B. LEDM C. Web Services D. HTTP Answer: A QUESTION: 35 What is the correct prerequisite software for the Security Manager installation? A. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 B. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or newer versions C. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 D. Microsoft SQL Server Systems CLR Types (x86 and x64) Answer: C For More exams visit http s :// /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!