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Unformatted text preview: PADP 8670 Fertig Instructions for the Individual Policy Paper Assignment (PhD students only) Fall 2011 UGA Outline (due September 12) Write up a 1-2 page outline which provides 1) the policy problem statement of your choice, 2) a short description of the policy, 3) one or two citations of studies that will be critical to your literature review, and 4) a description of what economic theories you will apply to explain how the problem occurred and/or how a policy alternative may address the problem. The paper should NOT focus on explaining that the policy problem occurred because of implementation or administrative problems. While this would make a fine policy analysis, it does not build your skills in using economic theory or demonstrate to me your mastery of these skills. For example, I would NOT want a paper that uses economic theory to explain how child care subsidies are supposed to encourage work and help low-income families expand their budgets, but then uses implementation theories to explain how the subsidy is not used by most low-income families because most low-income families use relatives for child care and thus the implementation of the subsidy was not correctly targeted. Instead, in choosing a topic, make sure that the economic theory can play a prominent role in your analysis. As an illustration, assume your problem is that Medicaid enrollments have increased due to expansions but the number of uninsured is not falling at the same rate. You could use the labor-leisure diagram to show that crowd-out may be occurring. Thus, you would be using economic theory to explain the problem. Final paper (due November 28) This paper should be a maximum of 3500 words (about 15 pages double-spaced). It should be written for an academic audience, as if it were the first sections of a journal article. It should include the following: a. Introduction that motivates the policy problem and briefly summarizes the rest of the paper (about 1-2 pages) b. Background that describes the current policy and its relevant history, provides evidence of the policy problem, and provides a review of studies with findings relevant to this policy problem (about 5-7 pages) c. Theory that uses economic tools to explain how the problem occurred and/or how a policy alternative may address the problem. This section should explain the theory or theories in words, and may also include graphs or other visual aids to support the arguments. (4-5 pages) d. Conclusion that provides the policy implications of your review and theory e. Bibliography ...
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