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Unformatted text preview: PADP 8670 Fertig The 5 elements of a policy analysis Kingdon Model Pareto efficiency Pareto improvement Social Surplus, Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus Deadweight loss Effect of tax on social surplus Tax Revenue Implication of 1st and 2nd welfare theorem Definition of Perfect Competition Profit maximization under perfect competition Cost curves (AC and MC) Short-run to long-run industry adjustment in perfect competition Definition of Monopoly Marginal Revenue Profit maximization for monopoly Deadweight loss caused by monopoly Price Discrimination Indifference curve Marginal rate of substitution Diminishing MRS Budget Line Equation of a line Consumer's optimal bundle is found at tangency of budget and indifference curves How changes in price and income affect budget line Substitution and income effects Normal vs. inferior goods Elasticity How public transfer programs change the budget line/set Crowd-out Relative efficiency Kaldor-Hicks Compensation Principle...
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