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Unformatted text preview: PADP 8670 Fertig Final Exam Review Topics (Final exam is cumulative so review midterm review topics as well) Fall 2011 UGA Rationales for all of the policies discussed Output tax (concept and graph) Negative externalities (concept and graph) Coase's Theorem Excise tax (concept and graph) Taxes and price elasticity of demand (graphs ofconsumption change, tax revenue, tax burden) Tariffs (concept and graph) Monopsony power (concept) Subsidies through tax deductions/credits (concepts and graphs) Subsidies through grants (concepts and graphs) Non-matching (block) grants Matching grants Open-ended vs. close-ended Maintenance of effort requirement Subsidies through vouchers (concept and graphs) Deregulation (concept) Privatization (concept) Cap-and-trade (concept) Types of auctions Minimum wage (concept and graphs) Impact on wages and employment Impact on prices and quantity of goods Covered vs. uncovered sectors Import quotas (concepts) Price freeze Rationing gasoline with transferable coupons (concepts and graph) Public provision vs. public financing w/ private provision Budget-maximizing bureau theory Tiebout model Equity vs. Efficiency trade-off Samaritan's dilemma Government spending multiplier Tax multiplier Marginal propensity to consume Automatic stabilizer Poverty threshold vs. poverty guideline Problems with current poverty measures Supplemental poverty measure Moral hazard Employer health insurance mandate (concepts and graphs) Stockpiling (concept and graph) ...
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