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Log replace use day2dta then sort the data by

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Unformatted text preview: uch Sca\er educh faminc if faminc<300000 2 1/4/11 Some interes5ng op5ons Can change the number of bins in a histogram Interes5ng op5ons Can add 5tles sca\er educhd faminc if faminc<300000, 5tle("Sca\er Plot of Head's Educa5on and Family Income in 2006") cap5on("Family income rises with educa5on.") 3 1/4/11 Can do fancy things Side-by-side graphs: Histogram educhd, by(marriedhd) Combine graphs: twoway (histogram educhd) (kdensity educhd) Stata tables Cross-tabs: tabulate varname1 varname2 table marriedhd femalehd Tables of summary stats: table varname1 [varname2], c(sta,s,c varname3 [sta,s,c varname4]) table marriedhd, c(mean faminc median faminc) 4 1/4/11 Exercise Choose a partner Get a few new 2007 PSID variables of interest to you both Compute mean, median, mode, std dev for one variable Create 2-3 beau5ful graphs describing the data Use 5tles, labels Try a side-by-side comparison Try combining graphs Put them on slides and email them to me/put them on a USB drive for a short 5 minute presenta5on For next 5me Read A&F Ch. 4 Go to UCLA Stata Starter Kit module webpage: h\p://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/stata/sk/modules_sk.htm Read through all of the graphics modules Go to UCLA Stata Starter Kit textbook webpage: h\p://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/books/smss/default.htm Read through Ch. 3 (of A&F) follow along with textbook Homework 2: Polish up the exercise on your own aker reading the above and turn in your own "report" on these few variables 5...
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