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3/18/11 1 The Determinants of Homelessness among Families and Children Angela R. Fertig University of Georgia David Reingold Indiana University Family Homelessness: A brief background • National issue starting in the mid-1980s – McKinney Act in 1987 – built emergency shelters for families – In 2003, $1.3 billion on 3,700+ shelter programs • Growing Problem – “In places where good data is kept, it is clear that the number of homeless families are increasing” • Phil Mangano, executive director of the White House Interagency Council on Homelessness • Quoted in the New York Times, June 29, 2004 – For example, Minnesota: • 1991: 434 homeless families a night • 2003: 1,341
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3/18/11 2 Explanations of family homelessness • Domestic violence – research is mixed – Bassuk et al (1996) and Wood et al (1990) find that homeless mothers report significantly higher rates of violence – However, Goodman (1991) finds no significant difference between homeless and housed mothers • Mental & physical health – research is mixed – Bassuk et al (1996) find no significant differences between mental and physical health or substance use disorders – However, the lifetime prevalence of several disorders is overrepresented among homeless mothers Explanations of family homelessness, cont. • Protective interventions – Low-income families with less social support have increased odds of becoming homeless – Receipt of low-income housing subsidies reduce the likelihood of homelessness among mothers and children
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examplepresentation1 - 3/18/11 The Determinants of...

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