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review - PADP 8120 Fertig Population vs sample Descriptive...

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Unformatted text preview: PADP 8120 Fertig Population vs. sample Descriptive vs. inferential statistics Parameters vs. statistics Random variables Simple random sampling Stratified random sampling Cluster random sampling Sampling error Sampling bias Response bias Non-response bias Interval scale Unordered & ordered categorical variable Binary variable Mean Median Mode Range Variance Standard deviation Coefficient of variation Outliers Histogram Kernal density plot Scatter plot Probability Probability Distribution Mean of a probability distribution Normal distribution z-Score Central Limit Theorem Unbiased estimator Sampling Distribution Standard error Confidence Interval for a statistic Confidence level (or coefficient) t-distribution Hypothesis Significance test, two-sided and one-sided Null and alternative hypotheses Elements/Steps of a Significance Test P-value Review Topics Spring 2011 UGA Significance tests for a mean and proportion T-Score Type I and Type II errors Standard error of diff btwn 2 means Standard error of diff btwn 2 proportions Dependent vs. independent variable Association Contingency table (or cross-tab) Marginals Conditional Distribution Statistical independence Chi-square statistic Chi-square distribution Odds ratio Stata commands Recode Generate & Replace Drop & Keep Rename Tabulate Label variable Label define Label values Histogram Kdensity Scatter Table Summarize Bsample Append Merge Reshape Sort Ttest Prtest Tabulate var1 var2, chi2 Logistic ...
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