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Genetics Final 2008 Spring pg 4

Genetics Final 2008 Spring pg 4 - Assume that allele...

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17. What is the key gene that, when expressed, will cause a Drosophila to develop into a female? a. ANT-C b. BCD c. Sxl d. BX-C e. None of the above 18. In humans, a protein encoded by gene A on chromosome 13 binds to a region upstream from gene B on chromosome 17 and blocks the transcription of gene B. Which of the following describes how the region upstream from gene B acts on gene B? a. trans b. cis c. positive control d. both a and c e. both b and c 19. You are studying a population of voles that show 100% positive assortative mating by phenotype. When you measure the genotype frequencies of the population you get the following data. What will the frequency of Aa be in the next generation?
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Unformatted text preview: Assume that allele “A” is dominant to allele “a.” fAA = 0.16 fAa = 0.51 faa = 0.33 a. 0.255 b. 0.325 c. 0.425 d. 0.510 e. 0.675 20. In the above question, what will the frequency of allele “A” be after a single generation of 100% positive assortative mating by phenotype? a. 0.221 b. 0.374 c. 0.415 d. 0.585 e. 0.793 21. Which of the following is correlated to the half-life of a mRNA molecule in eukaryotes? a. the length of the poly-A tail b. the protein’s N-terminal amino acid c. the presence of CAP/cAMP d. the protein’s C-terminal amino acid e. all of the above...
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